Fr 8.4. 20h30: Europe's War on Migrants: Roots, Responsabilities, Resistance

Kostas Fourikos, chief editor To Periodiko
Salvi Pittà, journalist/activist "Welcome to Europe"
Nasim Lomani, antiracist activist in Athens

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This event is co-organized by a group of Greeks living in Zurich and ASZ.

The continuing destabilization of the Middle East, North, Central and East Africa has created vast numbers of migrants seeking refuge in Europe. The shameless politics of the EU and of individual member states towards migration and asylum aims at keeping these people outside European borders by signing legally flawed and morally and politically unacceptable deals, fencing off and militarizing the borders while at the same time cynically defending human rights. The failure of these politics is displayed in the thousands of lives lost in the Mediterranean and the inhumane 'hotspots' of mandatory detention opposed by UNHCR and NGOs like Medicins sans Frontiers.

Together with Kostas Fourikos (chief editor, To Periodiko) and Salvi Pittà (activist/journalist, Welcome To Europe) we will have a close look at the political, social and economical roots of today’s migratory movements towards Europe and the responsabilites for Europe’s war on migrants. A special focus will be on the transnational resistance against these repressive policies, through networks like „Welcome To Europe“. Nasim Lomani, anti-racist acitivist in Athens, will join us via skype for first-hand insights from Athens.

As an introduction for the discussion, we will screen some film clips about the topics.